Monday, December 15, 2008

Various Phra Pidta Phakhawan from Wat Uttamaram

Featuring some batch and series of Phra Pidta from Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek Repek. These Phra Pidta were created and produced by Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek, Repek. Present wat abbot, Than Boon using the same old techniques / ways of creating pidta by late Tok Raja. Than Boon uses the Tok Raja's old pidta mould and the materials used were 108 Wanj, Tok Raja and Chau Khun Chan broken pidta amulets and painted / coated with Janrakh tree wax.

This Phim Yai Phra Pidta with wide open legs.

This small phim pidta with a narrow legs open.

Below is another version of Phra Pidta which quite special compare to other phim of Phra Pidta. This the one who confusing the amulets collectors, some said it was created by late Chau Khun Chan and some said it were made by late Chau Khun Mit. Thiese pidta were 100 % hand made and hand pressed.The reverse side of Phra Pidta, the hand print marks can be seen clearly.

These superb hand pressed pidta were obtained from Wat Uttamaram in BE 2545 a year after late Chau Khun Mit cremation ceremony ! Until BE2552, these phim of pidta phakhawan were nil stock. If this phim of Phra Pidta were on the temple shelf again, that's means it's a new creation / redo batch of this phim.

According to the wat caretaker, this creating Phra Pidta techniques also been used by late Chau Khun Mit. Chau Khun Mit also created the same Phra Pidta by using the same block / mould and SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO DIFFERENTIATE THE PIDTA MADE BY CHAU KHUN MIT or THAN BOON. Most of the Phra Pidta amulets were mixed and there's no special marks or code to differentiate the creation from both present and previous Wat Uttamaram abbots.

Doesn't matter at all...... because the power of these Phra Pidta were still the same, still superb...still powerful. It's worth renting items, compare to the mass produced, fake, imitate, propaganda and made by unqualified gurus / achan phra pidta which're flooded in both Malaysia and neighbour countries.