Monday, July 27, 2009

Than Boon, Wat Uttamaram - Look Om Tar Jai Ngu, Luang Phor Khron

This Look Om was produced and made by Wat Uttamaram present wat chief abbot, Than Boon. This Look Om was created around BE 2550/51 using 108 Wanj Phra Pidta of Wat Uttamaram. The same sacred 108 Wanj that used to create Phra Pidta.

The feature Look Om with serpent coiling the Look Om. This serpent is actually one of Tok Raja's Tar Jai ( Unseen Guidances ). If you ever have a chance to visit Wat Uttamaram, please proceed to the main praying hall and on your left hand side is a altar table. These 2 Tar Jai statues - Serpent and White Tiger ( altho the colour doesn't fit the description ! ) were situated under this altar table.

These 2 Tar Jai statues were placed under this table since Chau Khun Chan era. According to Than Boon, these 2 Tar Jai were Tok Raja's TaR Jai. That's guard the temple and temple area. If you are lucky enough ( particularly at nite, and with a bad intention / motive ), you will meet with one of these Tar Jai.

During the Phutaphisek or blessing ceremony, Tok Raja will invited his unseen Tar Jai to assist him. These Tar Jai is one of the factors / elements that make Tok Raja such a powerful monk.

The feature Look Om with Tar Jai coiling posture was a superb amulet for the real tough guy to gain power, amnaj, respect and superior. This Look Om also good for general protection again mishaps and accident.