Sunday, July 12, 2009

Than Boon, Wat Uttamaram - Phra Sivali Mahathera

This Phra Sivali Mahathera was made in BE 2549/50 by present Wat Uttamaram chief abbot, Than Boon Tham. This Phra Sivali was made of from Wanj Phra Pidta, the same wanj that used to make Phra Pidta. This Phra Sivali also painted / coated with Janrakh tree wax.

This Phra Sivali was created following by the famous phim of Phra Sivali Mahathera by late Chau Khun Chan. Not many people seen or knew about this Phra Sivali. ( i'll up load the photo when i received it from my old friend, rented it out to him last 2 years ). Compare to Chau Khun Chan's Phra Sivali Mahathera was made of holly soil mixed with the soil dug from the river bank of Wat Uttamaram. This Phra Sivali was painted with mud and yellowish janrakh wax.