Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Luang Phor Dum, Wat Santhitham - Kuman Thong

Luang Phor Dum of Wat Santitham is a specialist in Khmer black magic sciences that have been accepted for their sacred power, especially for making superb effectious Guman Thong.

Before invite Luang Phor Dum’s Guman Thong amulets into your house you must light nine incense sticks and ask for permission from the sacred soul, who protects the house. Worshippers must truly believe in Luang Phor Dum ’s sacred power and amulets. You need to give a specific name to your Guman Thong, use this name when feeding, dealing with , praying to Guman Thong. Call your Guman Thong as “Son” and you yourself as “Daddy, Papa, Father – Mummy, Mama, Mother”, treat him as your own son

You should offer Luang Phor Dum’s Guman Thong with flowers, sweets, beverages (particularly red colour sweet drink/syrup). Every time you consume food, you should always invite the Guman Thong to enjoy their meals. You must not ask / wish something that’s beyond Luang Por Dum’s Guman Thong power and capability. If your wishes are fulfilled, then a small reward should be given to your Guman Thong as token of appreciation.

There is special katha to worship / enhance / boost Luang Phor Dum’s Guman Thong powers. You must recite the khata 3 or 9 times before asking for help. Luang Phor Dum’s gumanthong are well known to be able to;

> Help you to boost your confident
> Help you to avoid mishap and unlucky occurrences by whispering the warning /
sign. ( This sign / warning might vary from one to another )
> Guard your house and property from break in and thief
( You need to pray and ask for their help while you are away from home )
> Luang Phor Dum’s Guman Thong also can bring;

• opposite sex attraction ( both sexes )
• makes people liked and loved you ( loved you like a baby ! )
• bring luck and wealth.
• calls upon good fortune.
• attract the right people into your life, and easily gain rapport with anybody.