Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luang Phor Sai Phra Khun Paen Sansanaeha

Luang Phor Sai of Wat Nam Wichit, Seasaket Province, is a senior guru monk widely known for his knowledge and practice of Cambodian Black magic.

Luang Phor Sai has spent an entire lifetime studying the the black magic rites of the ancient Khmer. His amulets are highly respected for their efficacy particularly for the creation of good fortune, opposite sex attraction and appeal, Klaewkhad and Kongkrapan Chatri.

Klaewkhad means = save from accidents or mishaps, while Kongkrapan Chatri means protection against weapons such as arms, bullets or knives.

This 1st. batch of Khun Paen Sansanaeha amulet is highly unusual and featuring the image of Khun Paen, Nang Bukli ( his wife ), and Guman Thong ( their son ). The amulets were made of Mahasanae powder and immersed in sacred oil of Metta.

This Khun Paen Sansanaeha amulets are particularly efficacious for opposite sex attraction and are highly recommended for people who want that extra confidence in approaching member of the opposite sex.

The amulets are composed and made of many sacred herbs,including:

Wan Dokmai Tontae
Wan Karakunti
Rakson Taiprai
Pong kamathep

One of the more important herbs used in the creation of this amulet is the elephant herb, an essential ingredient in any love charm, basically herbs collected from an area where elephants are copulating. It is believed that this herb was able to create and stimulate sexual desire.

The reverse side of the amulet features an image of CHANG PASOM KLONG. This elephants copulating image was made of coins that was originally placed in the mouths' of corpses during the funeral process.

The coins are then imbued with magical powers through ancient Khmer incantations. These spells further enhance the power. Luang Phor Sai said, '' You must do good, because this will increase the power of these amulets''

The katha was written specially for this amulet. Katha for this amulet:

Namo Tassa Phakavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhassa ( 3X )

Om Long Mahalong Sarapatti Chalong
Heanna Ku Hai-ngong-nguay Pitsawong Long-lai
Chapchit Chuachai Rong-hai Kuan-ha

Nangta Rampueng Kamnueng Ya-non
Bonfook Bonmon Nang-non Kamnueng

Rampueng Tueng-goo Nangta-tae-lom
Nang-chomtae-chao Ab-ing-clueng-clao
Pi-romc hom chuey

Ohem Pra-pai Chao-uey Chong-ma-chuay-pad
Pa-hai-pai-tong (name of your lover)
Om-tong –maha-tong, swa-hub-chup-chitaya

Other Luang Phor Sai Khata:

Ohm Sithi Sri Sri
Nar Gu Kue Tongfa, Na Ma Pa Ta
Nar Gu Kue Praman, Na Ma Pa Ta
Khon Gu Ngarm Kue Pra Narai, Na Ma Pa Ta
Bai Nar Gu Ngarm Kue Pra Artit, Na Ma Pa Ta
Rit Gu Ngarm Kue Pra Chan, Na Ma Pa Ta
Sao Nai Merng Sawan Hen Nar Ku, Yoo Mai Dai, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Rumpung Tung Tonmai, Gor Hai Ngoi Ngong, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Rumpung Tung Phaya Hong,Kor Ler Tham Ku Ha, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Ramluk Tung Maha Sena Kor Lerm Tan Thi Non, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Ramluk Tung Prai Kor Lerm Pra, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Ramruk Tung Sao Chai Kor Lerm Mair, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Ramluk Tung Tao Tai Kor Ma Lerm Suadmon, Na Ma Pa Ta
Gu Ramluk Tung Foong Chon Kor Maruk Yoo Tuan Nar, Na Ma Pa Ta
GuMar Ramluk Tung Took Chan Fa Lair Devada Took Pimarn, Na Ma Pa Ta
Om Sithi Swaha, om