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Khron Ratchanaren @ Tok Raja of Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek, Repek. Pasir Mas. Kelantan. Darul Naim

Khron Ratchanaren @ Tok Raja was born on Thursday December 1, BE2419 (1876). He was sent to Wat Uttamaram by his parents when he was 12 years old to learn Buddhism and Thai language. He stayed with Archan Lok who was the temple Chief Abbot at that time.

Tok had showed great interest in Buddhism and became a "Dek Jom" under the supervision of Bhikkhu (monks) in the temple. Besides, he also learned crafting and construction. He once told the devotees that even from an early age, he cherished the ambition of joining the monk hood and stay in the temple to learn Buddhism unlike his other kampung (village) boys of the same age who more preferred to stay in their homes in the kampung.

Ordination (Upasombot)

Tok joined monk hood (Bhikkhu) on Jun 15, 2438 (1895) when he was 21 years old. The ordination took place at Wat Uttamaram and was ordained by the following monks:

1) Phra Upatcha Palad Chai from Wat Mai Suwankhiri
2) Phra Khru Ophart Phuthakhun from Wat Chon Prachumthart and
3) Phra Athikarn Phut from Wat Bangtakwa Silaloi who became Kammavacanusavanacarn
Tok was then given a Buddhist name known as Punnaksuwanno.

After becoming a monk, Tok stayed at Wat Uttamatam for two phansa after that Tok traveled to Southern Thailand to learn Pali language and at that time is known as the big book. Tok was resided at Wat huaphom Nai in Songkhla and learn Buddhism in greater depth. He also learned "Phrakhatha vertmon" which consist of "Khamphi Mulkachai" and "Khamphi Thammadboth" in Wat Huaporm Nai as well as Vipassana Kammatharn technique in Songkhla for 15 years. In the year 2449 BE, Tok was appointed Chief Abbot of the Wat for 10 years.

Due to the fact that Tok needs to be back to Malaya, he stepped down as Chief Abbot of Wat Huaporm Nai. Once back from Thailand, he became the Chief Abbot of Wat Mai Suwankhiri for 6 years before been transferred back to Wat Uttamaram and became the Chief Abbot of the Wat in year 2468 BE. He taught Vippassana meditation and ubasok ubasika Buddhaborisat to the kampung folks Buddhist fundamentals as well as Vertmon Katha to his pupils.

When Tok came back from Songkhla Thailand, he stressed a lot on knowledge skill. He worked very hard in order to expand the knowledge skills to devotees in Kelantan but did not meet his expectation since the Society at that time did not realise the importance of education and as such, was unable to achieve his mission to the fullness. In early year of BE2491 (1948), Thai Buddhism has spread out of the country especially to the neighboring country like Malaya. Malaysia was formerly known as Malaya. In that year, the first Naktham school was established in the Kedah state of Malaya.

Tok has waited for the opportunity to open up such school for long time and has establish the same Naktham school in the year BE2492 and the first school was established in Wat Uttamaram Bangsek itself. It was a resounding success in establishing these schools and Tok later handed over the management of the school to Phra Maha Chan Kesaro who possessed "Parian Tham 6 Prakyok" as a teacher master. Even though there was a shortage in teaching resources, there was a huge demand from monks all over Kelantan to study at Wat Uttamaram to seek knowledge and learn Naktham where the expenses incurred were manageable. It was not easy to go to Wat Uttamaram at that time where it took hours to reach by walking through the jungle. Such obstacles did not prevent these pupil monks from reaching the Wat and in the same year as it was established, the first Naktham examination was held at Wat Uttamaram in Kelantan.

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Tok Raja - Khron Ratchanaren of Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek, Repek, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Featuring various version of amulets of Wat Uttamaram, Teresek Repek, Pasir Mas, Kelantan. Darul Naim.
BE. 2550 Tok Raja holng tongkat, 1st batch, made by Than Boon

BE. 2552 Tok Raja holding tongkat, 2nd batch, made by Than Boon

BE. 2540/41, made by Chau Khun Mit using the BE 2505 old Tok Raja's mould.

BE. 2545, Chau Khun Khron Rien holding tongkat. Made by Than Boon

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Luang Phor Samorn’s Phra Khun Paen with Panneng of Mae Hong Phrai Mahasanaeh.

Featuring Luang Phor Sarmorn Phra Khun Paen Mae Hong Phrai Mahasanaeh. Sacred Materials Used to Create this superb Phra Khun Paen:

* The spirit made from woman Panneng ( forehead skull.)
* Phra Khun Paen was made of 108 sacred Wanj.
* Kumanthong holding money bags image was made of 108 sacred Wanj.
* 108 Wanj and 7 graves yard soil.
* 2 rolled silver takrut.

This Phra Khun Paen and Mae Hong Phrai are enable to help the worshipper / wearer to lure love, seek success, bloom confident, tighten relationship and endow with charismatic power to influence people. Luang Phor Sarmorn said, in order the feel / to see the truth power of this amulet, try not to wear this amulet with other type of amulets or takrut, especially the one with discarding and warding evil spirits. Otherwise this superb Phra Khun Paen would not able to work well. Its power would not be shown and up to the par as you expected.

Luang Phor Sarmorn added that, do not show or let your target / spouse / colleague knows the type of amulet that you are wearing, otherwise your amulet would not be able to control / win / work on them. Just like firearm…..if you know that your enemies were armed to the teeth, and of course you will arm yourself too…arm with equipment that more powerful than your enemies in order to conquer them. What a superb analogies !

Essential things to be pondered :

* Before bringing in this Phra Khun Paen Mae Hong Phrai into the house, you
should clean and purify yourself.

* Light 10 black ( Siamese or Indian stick with strong smell and aroma ) incensessticks

* Place 1 incense stick at your outdoor ( flowerpot etc ) and call for Phra Khun PaenMae Hong spirit to enter your house and you are seeking permission from yourhouse spirits / gods / deities / Buddha.

* The remaining 9 incense sticks needed to be placed at your house main altar urn.Seek their permission and apologize because you are going to invite a spirit thingyinto your house.

* Promise to them that you would not misused and neglected the spirit so that theywon’t loitering, wandering around and harms people.

* You never used this amulet to harm people and commit sin.

* You know the kamma that you have to face of your wrong doing.

* The wearer / worshipper in the first place should call and evoke this Phra KhunPaen Mae Hong Phrai spirits which hid into the amulet.

* The OFFERING is a must for this amulet to ensure its power would not deteriorateand faded away.

* The worshipper / wearer needs to offer this spirit with a glass of clear liquor, whitecooked rice, hard boiled eggs and salted fish.

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Chau Khun Chan Old Phra Pidta

Phra Pidta - Wat Uttamaram, Teresek Repek, Batu 3, Pasir Mas.

Featuring some batch and series of Phra Pidta from Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek Repek. These Phra Pidta were created and produced by Wat Uttamaram, Kampung Teresek, Repek. Present wat abbot, Than Boon using the same old techniques / ways of creating pidta by late Tok Raja. Than Boon uses the Tok Raja's old pidta mould and the materials used were 108 Wanj, Tok Raja and Chau Khun Chan broken pidta amulets and painted / coated with Janrakh tree wax.

This Phim Yai Phra Pidta with wide open legs.

This small phim pidta with a narrow legs open.

Below is another version of Phra Pidta which quite special compare to other phim of Phra Pidta. This the one who confusing the amulets collectors, some said it was createThis pidta were 100 % hand made and hand pressed.The reverse side of Phra Pidta the hand print marks can be seen clearly. These superb hand pressed pidta were obtained from Wat Uttamaram in BE 2547, three years after late Chau Khun Mit cremation ! Until BE2552, these phim of amulets were nil stock in Wat Uttamaram. If this phim of Phra Pidta were on the temple shelf again, that's means it's a new creation of this phim.

According to the wat caretaker, this creating Phra Pidta techniques also been used by late Chau Khun Mit. Chau Khun Mit also created the same Phra Pidta by using the same block / mould and SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO DIFFERENTIATE THE PIDTA MADE BY CHAU KHUN MIT or THAN BOON. Most of the Phra Pidta amulets were mixed and there's no special marks or code to differentiate the creation from both present and previous Wat Uttamaram abbots.

Doesn't matter at all...... because the power of these Phra Pidta were still the same, still superb...still powerful. It's worth renting items, compare to the mass produced, fake, imitate, propaganda and made by unqualified gurus / achan phra pidta that're flooded in both Malaysia and neighbour countries.

Phra Pidta - Than Dam, Wat Mai Naparam, TakBai, Narathiwat.

Featuring the old batch ( BE 2537 ) of Than Dam, Wat Mai Naparam Phra Pidta. This Phra Pidta made by 108 sacred Wanj, added with Than Dam hair and hand crafted yants all over pidta body. This phim of phra pidta was following the Luang Phor Khron (Tok Raja ) Phra Pidta Pha Khawan secret techniques and styles.

This phim of phra pidta is rare and absolute sought after by amulets collector for it effectiveness and great power for Khlaew Khad, Khan Phai and Kong Gaphan Chatri. Some of the wearer claimed that this phra pidta also endowed the wearer a superb Amnaj power and Metta Mahaniyom.

These 2 pieces of Phra Pidta by Than Dam were obtained from an old folks in Takbai, who is one of the Wat Mai Naparam committee. He has 7 pieces of this phim and 3 pieces of the fisrt batch ( Jumbo batch made in BE 2536 ). I am lucky enough to obtain these superb 2 pieces of BE 2537 batch and 1 piece of BE 2536 Jumbo batch.

Thinking of letting go / renting out one of this Phra Pidta

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Than Dam's hairs can be seen clearly form both of Phra Pidtas.